A natural cure for Molluscum Contagiosum?

Molluscum contagiosum sounds unpleasant doesn’t it? Its actually a harmless but rather annoying (and slightly unsightly) skin complaint which is mostly found in young children. it manifests itself in wartish lumps on the skin which appear, in my experience at least, in tucked away areas like the back of knees, and under arms.

There are two annoying things about this little infection:

  1. They spread through contact, and try getting a toddler to NOT touch something!
  2. The NHS dont have appear to have a solution for it. My GPs advice was “they will go in a year or so.” Oh great, so in the mean time my child has to deal with it spreading and potentially become self conscious about it? Thanks for that.

We have tried a few medical solutions but none have made any difference. But after scouring the forums and blogs I may have stumbled across something that is working, and its all natural!

Manuka Honey comes from the Manuka plant (not the bees) and has an antibacterial agent thanks to Mother Nature. I was doubtful at first but after a couple of weeks of putting a drop on each spot before bedtime, we seem to be winning the battle. Old spots are disappearing and newer ones are not growing.  Its still a battle as it spreads, but I can see a light at the end of the tunnel.

The honey itself comes with a score based on the amount of the active ingredient contained. I got 20+ as the article I read had been about 18+ and said a lower scoring version hadn’t worked. It goes higher, not sure whether that would speed up the effects.

It isn’t cheap. Mine was £27 for a jar from Holland & Barrett but I have found it on amazon now for less so if we get more (which we probably wont need to) I will go there.

If your child has this issue I would recommend start early as it has stop the spread completely in my youngest who only had a couple. The eldest had more so it has been more of a battle.

You can buy 30+ Manuka Honey at Amazon for a lot less than I paid here, you wont need much so I would get the smallest jar:

30+ Manuka Honey on Amazon

I do love a good natural remedy!

Live Every Moment

I’ve been lax with blogging of late, I’ve had a lot going on. Most notably one of my children started school. A major milestone in the life of every parent and one of those moments that makes you realise just how quickly time is passing by.

It may only be reception class, and they may spend more time playing than doing anything which constitutes a lesson as we consider it, but still….school!

It makes you reminisce, it makes you look back, and you wonder where the last 4.5 years or so have gone. It sounds cliche, but it only seems like yesterday we were in the hospital looking into each other’s eyes for the first time. And now I am dressing you up in a school uniform each morning, mind blowing.

Time moves by too fast, savour every moment. Love, live, and enjoy x

3 steps to get rich

It may have taken me to the grand old age of 35 to work it out, but I’ve come to some realisations about life and money that I aim to address.

  1. You will never get rich on PAYE – No matter what you earn, if it is on the PAYE tax system then it is never going to make you rich.  Your living costs will always increase at the same rate as your pay (unless you experience a huge jump).  And the tax system is designed to take more as you earn more.  If you want to get rich then you need alternative income which is more tax efficient, and also ideally comes in lump sums.
  2. One source of income won’t cut it – to really accumulate wealth you need multiple sources of income. Ideally one which covers all of your living expenses and others that build up the balance.
  3. Being your own boss (in a financial sense) pays off – having money run into a company you own is the best way. Pay yourself in the most tax efficient way and run any associated costs against the business BEFORE money is paid to you.

Of course these 3 steps wont guarantee you wealth, but you’ll have a damn sight more chance doing it this way than toiling away making money for somebody else.

Trying to Change Opinions is Pointless

You’ve already made your mind up about whether this blog post is good or bad. You’ve already judged whether this blog is worth reading at all or whether I am just another wanna be writer out for freebies because I’ve got nothing better to do. It’s OK, I don’t mind, its just natural.

It’s why, despite us being intelligent, rational human beings we continue to make stupid decision about important matters. It’s why a racist serial liar like Donald Trump gets even a sniff of presidency, and why laughable political parties like UKIP get even a single vote in the UK. It’s also why a lot of us vote for a particular political party.

For the most part when making these decisions we have already made our mind up, as eloquently explained in this article here. All we are doing when we are reviewing information is looking for the elements which back up our already decided opinion.

Maybe its down to a previous experience, maybe its down to apathy, maybe its down to avoiding cognitive dissonance.  But either way we spend more time justifying our own positions than listening and considering alternatives.

I guess it’s therefore pointless putting my effort into writing something informative, witty or enlightening, you’ve already made your mind up anyway.


Definitely say it with Flowers

Whatever it is you have to say, whoever you have to say it to, say it with flowers. There is something so satisfying about receiving a beautiful bouquet of flowers and having them in the house that brings a smile to the household and a makes it feel so homely.

So when Prestige Flowers specialist provider of flowers online sent me this gorgeous Monet inspired bunch with accompanying vase it was definitely a welcome surprise to come home to.  And as I sit here looking at them they are still bringing a glamorous air to my living room. I’m sure you will agree they look fabulous.

bouquet picture 1bouquet icture 2bouquet picture 3

A Rant about Selfish Parenting

OK, so this is a bit of a rant, but I have to get this off my chest.

When you become a parent you relinquish choice about certain areas of your life, your priorities change, they have to. Even if becoming a parent wasn’t through choice, I don’t care, tough.  You have a responsibility as a human being to make the child your priority and to make sacrifices in their best interest.

Fancy a night out with the guys or girls? Tough. Weekend away? Only if you’re taking them.

I see far too many parents, some of them I consider friends, putting themselves before their children. Of course everybody needs a bit of down time every now and again.  But there is a big difference between that and offloading your children because you have something you would rather do.

For me there is nothing as rewarding as knowing I am there for their children and that I am playing the main role in their upbringing.  And I put that responsibility ahead of anything else I could be doing.

To hear some people go on about the trials of parenthood when they work full time and offload their children at every available opportunity makes my blood boil. Man (or Woman) up to your responsibilities as a parent and stop being selfish.

Nutriplan Teatox – 7 days later

So, 7 morning teas and 4 evening teas later, how do I feel after my Nutriplan teatox? Well the teatox has coincided with a burst of healthy eating, so it’s not so easy to differentiate the results, but I certainly had a good week.

I’ve been feeling awake despite my new sleep routine and also feeling pretty healthy on the whole. I had a good week at work and a great Bank Holiday weekend with the family. I’m sure you’re not supposed to combine the tea with alcohol but it didn’t seem to have too much of a detrimental effect, and after all, the sun was shining!

I also got to enjoy my 10 minutes over tea in the morning as part of my new routine. A moment of calm before the madness of the day begins.  And this to me was one of the biggest benefits.  Scheduling time each day day to have to myself and also to put something healthy into my body.

Too much of my day is spent rushing from one thing to the next and hopefully as part of my new routine I can schedule more of this time for me, and hopefully for something healthy too.

Maybe this tea tox will become a regular thing? There’s certainly worse things I could be drinking to start and end the day.

nutriplan morning teatoxnutriplan teatox

Healthy Hair in Just One Meal

Our bodies and our health are a true reflection of what we put into them. Fill yourself with sugars, saturated fats and chemicals and your body will tell you about it. It will be evident in the health of your skin, hair, bowels and general well being.

And as much as the cosmetics industry would like us to believe they have magic potions to hand capable of solving all our skin and haircare ills, the truth is you will need far fewer products if you feed your body right in the first place.

And the good news is you don’t have to be a nutritionist to achieve it. Just follow some simple principles of healthy eating and you will notice the difference.  Eat fresh, eat real food, balance your diet.

And to make things even simpler here is a single which will give your hair everything it needs to be healthy, glossy and strong.

Grilled Salmon

grilled salmon

The benefits of oily fish are well documented. The vitamins, minerals and oils contained within Salmon, Tuna and the likes are perfect for adding shimmer and shine to your hair and the Protein in them just adds to the goodness.

Spinach, Egg and Lentil Salad


The spinach provides iron, vitamin A and vitamin C which your hair will thank you for.  The egg adds protein and biotin which are vital for healthy hair, and the lentils too are a great source of plant protein.  The combination of vitamin C and protein also helps the bodies absorption and accelerates the benefits.

Sweet Potato Fries

sweet potato fries

Chop, toss in (healthy) oil and bake for a great healthy alternative to fries. Sweet potatoes are filled with beta-carotene which your body converts to Vitamin A which will prevent dullness in your hair.

Cinnamon Water

cinnamon sticks

Cinnamon is great for staving off your sugar cravings and adding a sweetness to your meal which should satisfy the need to gorging at a later date. Add some cinnamon to boiling water for a sweet, warm drink and you will also be helping your bodies blood flow which helps bring oxygen and nutrients to your hair.  This helps with overall hair health and regeneration.

Any bald person will tell you its important to look after your hair, as you’ll miss it if it leave you.  They are left with a visit to Harley Street Hair Clinic to give themselves a Rooney style make over.  Look after your hair and make sure it gets the nutrients it needs to shine brightly.

Standing the test of time

I’m constantly astounded by the number of toys, TV programmes, books and everything in between that have stood the test of time from my childhood and live on (although often in a regenerated form) in my childrens.

Its great in a sense.  I am able to look cool to my children because I know some of the My Little Pony character names, trains in Thomas the Tank Engine or can sing the theme tune to Alvin and the Chipmunks.

Sometimes I wish I had kept some of my old toys, it could save me a fortune rebuying them all now I am an adult! Of course most of these toys have had a reboot of sorts to bring them up to speed with the modern technology todays children are used to.  Here are five which have stood the test of time and are equally as enjoyed in 2016 as they were in the 80s:

My Little Pony

Bigger, more sparkly, and now interactive with a mobile app but still the same old ponies that we all new and loved.

my little pony

Thomas the Tank Engine

There are some new trains, and new adventures, but the controller is still fat and Thomas is still the main man.

thomas the tank engine


The 2012 Furby was a major step up from the toy I knew as a child, but the idea is the same. Interact, talk and keep your Furby happy.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Another which has had a major overhaul but the same four turtles (and their rat leader!) are still fighting crime from the sewers.

teenage mutant ninja turtles

Of course children of today still have their Frozen Movie Dolls as well as these old classics, but its nice to see that some things stand the test of time.

Detoxing with tea – the Teatox

I’ve blogged before about diet plans and weight loss and also about super foods, it seems food and diet are a recurring topic!  Right now I’m trying to balance out my diet a little and just make sure I am eating healthily, regularly and not worrying too much about anything else.

Since starting to get up earlier in the day whilst failing miserably at getting to bed earlier, I have to admit I have been feeling a bit run down. So the opportunity to try out a Teatox from Nutriplan seem pretty opportune.

This morning I started my 7 day Teatox which consists of one morning Tea every day and one bedtime tea every other day. Pretty straight forward. Apparently I will “stop feeling bloated, feel refreshed and awake, reduce sugar and carbs cravings and boost your my immune-system.”

The tea itself contains an ingredients list which could be confused with characters from the new and improve My Little Pony series, but apparently they will help me! I was pleased to see it didn’t contain Green Tea as that has a tenancy to make me feel nauseous.

Yerba Mate, Chamomilla, Hibiscus, Rosa Canina, Siberian Ginseng, Orange Peel, Tamarind, Lemon Grass, Ginger, Raspberry, Blueberry, Cranberry, Centaurea, Eucalyptus, Fennel and Pimpinella!

First morning tea done and I can’t profess to be feeling the benefits yet, but I’ll report back once the 7 days is done to let you know the full effects.

nutriplan morning teatoxnutriplan teatox